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Frequently Asked Questions 
Where my contacts are stored?
 Contacts are stored in Contacts (*.sms) files. These files are created by user, and can be placed under any folder on your disk.
How many contacts can I store in one contacts file?
You can store unlimited contacts just in one file. Contacts are well organized in a tree structure.
How many contacts files can I open?
Open as many files as you want, provided your RAM is large enough.
How do I transfer my contacts from one computer to another one?
How do you transfer your other files (.exe, .doc, .txt files, i.e.)? Simply just the same way.

How do I use SuperPIM as a Bookmark tool?
Contacts files are the best place to store your bookmark. You can store any number of URLs in Web field of a contacts record and open them very quickly.

  How do I email contacts? 
Select them, and click, then the default mail client program will run to compose your message with recipients list automatically filled up.

How to change/cancel the background images?
SuperPIM displays default background images in many windows. You can change any background image or the background color. First, focus the target window. Second, on the menu bar, select View and select Background, then select the corresponding item on the popped up menu. All default background images are stored in "Images" folder of SuperPIM program folder. If you want to change a background image, simply replace the corresponding image file with another one with its name unchanged.

How to change the text color for a window?
 For many windows, the text color can be customed by user. First, focus the target window. Second, on the menu bar, select View and select Font, then select Select Text Color if you want to change the text color, or select Default Text Color if you want to set the text color to default. 

Can I let SuperPIM load contacts/sender files automatically when it starts?
Yes. You can specify a number of contacts/sender files, then SuperPIM will load them automatically when it starts. On the menu bar, select Operate and select Options, click Contacts or Senders item in the left list on the popped up dialog, then you'll know what to do. It's very convenient to open your frequently used contacts/sender files in this way.

How do I send instant message to my contacts?
First, a Sender file must be already opened and one sender has been activated. Second, choose to compose a message with Type field filled up with Instant Message and fill up Recipients field with a valid IP address or host name.

Who can receive instant messages sent by SuperPIM on my computer?
The one whose computer are in the same LAN as you, or his(her) computer has a global IP address. Also, SuperPIM must run on his(her) computer.

  Can I modify information bank? 
Yes. Information bank is stored in several script files. Modify these files, then you can add/remove/change any information.

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